Paige FaberThe Minnesota Adapted Athletics Association named Paige Faber, a 12th-grader at Maple Grove Senior High, the 2018 Minnesota Player of the Year.

A captain of the CI-Adapted softball, soccer and floor hockey teams this year, Paige has great experience leading teams to victory. Paige has helped secure 17 state tournaments and four state championships appearances, and she's earned 17 varsity letters, 12 all-conference awards, and was featured as the Star Tribune's Prep Extra Elite Athlete of the Week this March.

Paige is the first District 279 CI-Adapted athlete to earned more than 100 goals and more than 100 assists in both soccer and floor hockey. She has also been awarded the Most Versatile Player Award for her ability to change positions. In soccer she has been the team's goalie, forward and defensive specialist. In hockey, she's been a forward and a goalie. And lastly, in softball, she's walked just three batters so far this season as the pitcher but she has also served on first base and third base. 

A six-year athlete, Paige has an impressive list of accomplishments. But what stands out about Paige to her coach, Dr. Kelli Waalk-Gilbertson, is Paige's collaborative, team-oriented spirit. "Paige's true value to our teams and our CI-program is her desire to do whatever she can to make the team better."