At the February 20 school board meeting, Chair Robert Gerhart shared his personal opinion regarding guns on school premises. Supt. Kate Maguire has issued a formal statement noting that she does not share Chair Gerhart’s perspective and that his comments do not reflect the school district’s official stance (formalized in two separate board policies) prohibiting guns on school premises.

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Here is Dr. Maguire’s formal statement:

Statement from Superintendent Kate Maguire
The school board chair’s public comments (February 20) about guns on school property do not reflect my perspective or the official stance of the school district.

The school district’s official stance prohibiting guns on school premises is contained in Policy 926-Conceal & Carry on School Premises and in Policy 452 Conceal & Carry Restrictions for Employees. Policy 926 includes a key exemption, in accordance with state statute, for armed law enforcement professionals. We acknowledge and affirm the valuable support provided by School Resource Officers and our local police departments, who help ensure safe and healthy schools for both children and employees.

At the start of his comments on February 20, Chair Gerhart clearly stated that he had not spoken in advance with anyone about his statements and that his comments represented only his personal perspective. I would also note that the school board policy committee is not considering any changes to the policies at this time.

Kate Maguire, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Osseo Area Schools

Educational Service Center