Inspired by music, Megan Gosian set off on a sound endeavor this spring to collect musical instruments. As part of her desire to contribute to her community and earn a Girl Scout Gold award, Megan collected 22 musical instruments and donated them to Osseo Area Schools. These instruments will be provided to students who may not have been able to afford them.

Megan Gosian

 “I want everyone to have the opportunity to fall in love with playing instruments, just like I did,” said Gosian, who will be a junior at Maple Grove Senior High this fall. “From the moment I started learning piano and trombone to when I picked up euphonium, trumpet and some percussion, I developed a passion for music that will continue to grow with me.”

Gosian said she would also like to thank those who supported her project through donations of money and musical instruments.

PHOTO: Megan Gosian (left) stands proudly next to all of the instruments she collected. Christine Weatherman (right), district music program specialist with Osseo Area Schools, said the instruments will be distributed to students who need them each year.