Ela Kinade equity mural

Passionate eighth grader at Maple Grove Middle School and talented artist Ela Kanade created a mural and gave it to her school to be displayed for years to come. Ela knew she wanted to create a mural that demonstrated her school’s commitment to equity, and so she fundraised in order to create this work of art.

Ela used a variety of colors in the hair to represent the different skin tones of people who attend and work at her school. Always a Maple Grove Middle Mustang, she used blue to represent the school colors and included the words “Mustang Pride” at the top right. The rainbow depicted in the young woman’s eyes symbolizes peace and understanding.

“We could not be prouder of Ela Kanade and her beautiful mural,” says Assistant Principal Chris Mann. “We will find a special home for this piece at Maple Grove Middle School, and we hope it will inspire other students just as it has inspired us.”

PHOTO: Ela Kanade stands proudly next to her mural with support from her parents and Assistant Principal Chris Mann.