pc bilingual awards

In our increasingly connected and globalized economy, speaking two languages is a tremendous asset. At Osseo Area Schools, we are proud of the 18 Park Center Senior High students who received state awards recognizing their bilingual skills.

The Minnesota Gold Bilingual Seal requires students to demonstrate an intermediate high level or higher in listening, speaking, reading and writing on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) assessment, and meet the state graduation requirements for English. Four Park Center students achieved this honor for their Spanish and English skills including:

  • Michelle Chavez
  • Jonathan Lopez-Pantoja
  • Judith Marquez Duran
  • Jonatan Miranda Molina

In order to receive the World Language Proficiency Certificate, students must demonstrate an ACTFL proficiency level of intermediate low or higher in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The 14 Park Center students who received this award recognizing their Spanish and English skills are:

  • Ursula R. Jimenez Muro
  • Lily J. Mendez
  • Gabriel J. Vazquez-Hernandez
  • Elizabeth Ortiz
  • Alinson Rosales Deras
  • Carmela Torres
  • Sandra Martinez
  • Jocelynne Calle
  • Hiren Patel
  • Yesenia Sandoval
  • Billy Ventura
  • Luz Zagal
  • Jorge Camacho
  • Gonzalo Cisneros

These awards may be used to gain post-secondary academic credit at Minnesota colleges. The state bilingual and multilingual awards were established in Minnesota in 2014 to recognize students for their language skills. This is the first year Osseo Area Schools participated in the program, and due to its success, the program will be expanded to include additional languages at all high schools in the district.

PHOTO: (From left to right) Park Center students Billy Ventura, Jocelynne Calle, Jonatan Miranda Molina, Carmela Torres, Jonathan Lopez-Pantoja, Yesenia Sandoval, and Gonzalo Cisneros stand proudly with their awards.